Miebach Consulting

Culture & Values


Life at Miebach 


A healthy company starts with a healthy team. At Miebach, we create an environment that supports your personal and professional needs, from a top-tier network to flexible working models.


The Miebach culture


When you join Miebach, you’re joining a community of exceptional people and professionals. Our team is dedicated to creating an environment that stimulates our employees inside and out, from a close office environment to flexible working models and global career opportunities.

Best-in-class network 

We work with the brightest minds in supply chain to transform today’s market leaders, from midsize companies to Fortune 500s.

End-to-end experience 

We facilitate experience across supply chain, from cross-functional teams to careers in strategy, engineering, and digital. 

Centralized office locations

Our offices are centrally located, with easy access and a close work environment that marries local culture with global talent.

Flexible working models 

We adapt our way of working in line with your needs, from encouraging family-friendly hours to supporting fully-remote work.

Global career opportunities

We encourage you to enrich your career by exploring remote opportunities across our 24 office locations around the globe.


Shaped by a shared set of values



Freedom ignites innovation. Real innovation happens when we take risks. We are passionate about transforming our biggest ideas into real-world solutions for our clients.

Global network boundless opportunity


Integrity is a verb. Acting with integrity is a principle and a practice. We make purpose-led decisions because it’s the right thing to do, considering every angle and staying true to our values.

Shared commitment long term partnership


Every action counts.
Everything we do, no matter how small, is important. We take every opportunity to build towards something bigger, leveraging our differences to make a difference.

Quality partners expert solutions


Grit makes all the difference.
Our dynamic determination drives our work. We navigate challenges with resilience and resolve to learn from our past, adapt fast, and find a way forward