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Supply chains that transform your today and tomorrow


We operate at the intersection of consulting and engineering to build supply chains that adapt to your needs with rigor and agility. 

The result? Supply chain solutions that reach beyond your bottom line to drive loyalty, fuel reputation, and power your business forward.



What we do

The new Miebach

Miebach presents its new brand identity 


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Miebach Group has launched its new brand and is repositioning itself globally. With a new strategy and a complete rebranding, Miebach is positioning as the leading supply chain partner in the global market, without forgetting the legacy of success that has empowered its growth over the past five decades.

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Strategic relocation for competitive advantage


In light of a dynamic global economic environment, businesses are facing a complex terrain shaped by tremendous changes: From the impact of political (trade) tensions over the digital transformation and advanced technologies to a far-reaching global health crisis – the strategic relocation of production has become a pivotal consideration for enterprises seeking resilience and a competitive advantage.


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Miebach goes beyond supply chain engineering. We help clients build brighter futures by reimagining the full spectrum of supply chain, from planning to change management.”



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When you join Miebach, you’re joining a community of exceptional people and professionals


Our team is dedicated to creating an environment supporting personal growth, from a modern and open office environment to flexible working models and global career opportunities.


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