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Supply Chain Forecasting with Advanced Analytics


Episode 10

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Demand forecasting has changed drastically since 2020. Traditional models are obsolete due to unprecedented supply chain issues, the economy and an ongoing energy crisis. Up-to-the-minute internal and external data is essential for optimizing inventory and cutting costs. 

This week, Gustavo Escobar, Manager at Miebach, and Gylian Verstraete, Data Scientist at Solventure, join to discuss forecasting with advanced analytics. And they couldn’t be timelier. Backlog may have caused an artificial boost in demand, so it’s critical for companies to rethink their forecasting. 

Multiple macroeconomic indicators can all heavily influence supply and demand:

Extreme weather
Labor strikes
While there’s no crystal ball, predictive tools and historically clean data will help your brand fully align with today’s subtle market fluctuations. Gustavo and Gylian are experts at evaluating and transforming supply chains.

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