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Smarter Supply Chains: GenAI & Logistics




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AI this, AI that. There’s truly no escaping the latest technological craze, as just about every industry is grappling with how to implement Artificial Intelligence in the most effective (and ethical) ways possible.


Today, host Ellen Wood is joined by Pete Grett, Founder & CEO of The Blackrock Group to talk about generative AI (also known as GenAI), its uses and limitations, and its specific utility for the world of supply chain. Pete identifies as a “GenAI evangelist”—but his infectious enthusiasm for the tech is based on the belief that it’s an effective tool that can be harnessed by savvy professionals to yield more impressive and effective results.


Join us as we discuss:

  • Different ways of viewing and using GenAI across industries and departments
  • The importance of prompt engineering—and why every professional should become more familiar with it
  • AI’s potential in supply chain decision-making
  • Examples of where GenAI has failed, and how to learn from such experiences


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