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Miebach implements modern work environment at new office location in Frankfurt


Miebach Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt am Main and headquarters of Miebach Holding has moved to new office premises within Frankfurt: After more than 30 years, the employees moved this month from Untermainlage 6 to Westhafen Pier, Rotfeder-Ring 7-9. The reason for the move to the new office directly at the Main river is the change in the workplace, accelerated among other things by the pandemic, which is changing the nature of collaboration internally and externally and placing new demands on premises.

New Office at Westhafen

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Jochen Schühle, CEO Miebach Consulting GmbH says:


The work environment is undergoing rapid and diverse change. We need a place for personal communication and collaboration where we can strengthen our community and foster creativity. With our new office at Westhafen, we are enabling this change process, strengthening our attractiveness as an employer and thus taking a big step into the future."

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A total of around 1,500 square meters of office space is distributed into different zones of differentiated work and lounge areas to create a working ecosystem that gives room for conversations, an overarching exchange, the generation of ideas as well as concentrated work, but also offers a place to retreat and relax.


In an era of hybrid working it's about offering employees the most perfect office environment possible. There are no longer any one-size-fits-all solutions, instead, the focus is on individuality of needs. With the new office, we want to live a modern understanding of work in times of digitalization and sustainability. This includes more flexible working models and better opportunities for digital teamwork which should create additional freedom and an improved work-life balance"


- says Dr. Wolfram Süssenguth, COO Miebach Consulting GmbH.


We are looking forward to now start filling the modern and future-oriented office with life and also to welcome our customers and business partners on site in a central location in Frankfurt!"


- Jochen Schühle concludes.


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